Dear community,

It has been ONE YEAR since we launched in Stockholm. I would like to update the community on how things have progressed in the last 12 months. It has been a crazy roller coaster for me, full of excitement and successes but also many unexpected challenges.

I was amazed and humbled by the positive response we received at Sthlm Tech Fest in 2016. When I first presented the idea, I had hoped to interest some people but was not expecting to sell hundreds of animals in just two weeks. Since then we have sold over 1500 animals (goats, sheep and chickens) to over 300 owners from 24 countries, without any marketing!

In terms of impact we have bought animals from hundreds of nomadic herders in 3 regions in Somalia. We have partnered with some of the farmers to take care of our animals, most of which are in the region of Mudug in central Somalia, and our local team consists now of 8 employees. has offered much needed cash for farmers during one of the worst droughts in Somalia. These droughts have affected millions of livestock herders over this past year. We as well, experienced hardships due to the drought when our operation was slowed down by the lack of supply of animals and our fear of buying too many animals at a risky time. Overall, we lost close to 100 animals and were thankful when the rainfall came in spring. One of the biggest problems we faced was access to livestock feed when the drought was at its worst. To insure this does not happen again, we have recently imported our own livestock feed from Italy.

We have also opened a pilot chicken farm outside Mogadishu. We would like to create jobs and livelihoods for the locally displaced refugees in this area by offering them the opportunity to sell eggs in the city.

All in all, it has been a good first year for us. We have achieved more than I could dream of and we have survived the toughest challenges. We are still learning, however, and always improving the local operation and the tech and business model to make sure we are serving the locals as well as the owners. We are excited for what the next 12 months will bring!

Mohamed Jimale,

Founder & CEO