This is one of the most common questions we get from our community. It is an important question too, as the pregnancy translates an increase of value of the animals and the return on investment for the owner. However, this is also a difficult question for us and for our partner farmers. There are many factors that affect when an animal may get pregnant.

When it comes to goats and sheep they usually get pregnant during spring or autumn. It is rare for goats and sheep to get pregnant during winter for example. In addition, there are many other factors such as the health of the animal, breed, the climate and food that affect pregnancy. It is also possible an animal to have pregnancy loss due to the above mentioned factors.

We work with expert farmers who can instantly tell if a goat or sheep is pregnant. Normally the process is for the farmers to identify animals, inform our coordinators who take pictures and update the status of the animal in the app so the owner is notified.