Dear Community,

We have made it to the finals for 3 categories (Best Newcomer, Best Bootstrapped, and Best Social Impact) at the Nordic Startup Awards which were presented at Stockholm Tech Fest on Monday.

Thanks to the support of our community, and the jury who voted for us, is officially the Best Newcomer Startup in 2016/2017 in Sweden. I was particularly interested in the Best Social Impact award because I truly believe we make an impact that saves lives together with our community. Perhaps we have not communicated well enough the impact we create at and in the future we will do so.

Overall, we are excited to go to the finals for the Nordic Finals and hopefully afterwards to the Global Startup Awards.

Congratulations to the other winners:

Startup of the year: Min Doktor

Best newcomer: Ari.Farm

Best bootstrapped: FlowBox

Best Fintech startup: Transfer Galaxy (Soon to be our payment partner)

Best foodtech startup: Karmalicious

Best health/lifestyletech startup: Cellink

Best IoT-startup: Aifloo

Best social impact startup: Trine

Founder of the Year: Magnus Nyhlén (Soon to be camel owner)

Best Accelerator program: Fast Track Malmö (We are alumni

Best coworking space: Norrsken House

Investor of the year: Hampus Jakobsson

Best startup ecosystem initiative: (Best friends)

People’s choice: Dreams