Dear fans,

As many of you know, has a mission to help nomads in Somalia get sustainable livelihoods. We have started our work by building a pilot farm near Mogadishu where we have so far employed 8 people. We have also bought hundreds of animals from nomads and given them thousands of dollars.

We are now expanding our model to partner with other nomads and farmers to care for our animals. We will have our first partners in the central region of Mudug.

This model is useful for us in several ways. We can scale our operation without building more farms of our own. We are getting to work with people who are experts in caring for animals. Who are the backbone of the livestock sector in Somalia. This is also the best care for the animals as the whole operation is organic.

It is also a game changer for the partner nomads as we will buy some of their animals and offer them extra resources including financial support, medicine and knowledge to make their life more sustainable.

They will be able to keep their way of life, to feed the animals through normal grazing as long as there is grass and when there is no grass we will support them to feed the animals like we do at our farm near Mogadishu. This will help them avoid the effects of droughts and feed their families.

This model will not change the way we work with our customers who own the animals. The only thing that will change is that it will take longer (approximately two weeks) to get updates from the animals. Like now customers will be able to follow, sell, donate or gift their animals through our app. Customers will also be able to learn more about the nomad family or farmer that takes care of their animals.

It is a win-win for all and a great way to expand our impact together.