Dear Community,

It is been a while since I wrote a post but that is because we have been super busy with all the things that are going on. The situation in Somalia is still extremely difficult as the expected rains haven’t fallen in most parts of the country. There is still hope that it will rain in this month but this will delay the new animals we have ordered from the farmers for some weeks.

We have also been busy updating the app to improve the functionality but simultaneously we have been trying to improve our local operation. Unfortunately, tracking specific animals have put too much workload on our coordinators therefore we are discontinuing updates from single animals and post general updates about the impact, the farmers and the overall operation. We will still take pictures of every animal to register them in the app and you will see pictures of your animals in the app. We will still tag every animal and post updates when animals are pregnant or deliver kids but it will no longer be possible to request pictures.

We are also introducing new animals, you can now trade male goats in the local livestock market in Somalia. These animals will be purchased from the farmers during the dry seasons when the market prices are low and we will sell them when the market goes up. This gives the farmers a market during low seasons and gives our customers ability to invest in the local livestock trading. We aim to keep these animals for 3-6 months.

Because of this focus on the local market we have updated the app so you can now see the local prices for every week. We are also giving the decision to sell the animals to our local team who know about the local market and the best time to sell.

More features such as farmers profiles, new animal profile, ability to add more than one owner for an animal and few other features will be added to the app soon.

As a result, we are updating our Terms of Service to better reflect the changes.