Camel Shares –

Camel Shares


Estimated 10-30% return on investment
No extra or ongoing costs
Follow local market prices through our app
Re-invest or withdraw after 12 months
Sell your camel shares at any time of the year
A camel is 10 shares, minimum purchase is 2 shares
Free replacement if animal dies
Creates jobs & market for nomads
Quarterly dividents from milk sale *

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How does the camel trading work?

You can buy a whole camel or a share of a camel. You can follow the latest local market prices in the app and decide to sell your camel or the shares when the market offers the best prices and make a profit.

What are the camel shares?

To enable more people to participate, we have divided camels into 10 shares. You can purchase a whole camel or a minimum of 2 shares. That means you own 20% of a camel. If you want to buy a whole camel you can buy 10 shares. You can see sell your animal or shares at any time by following the local market prices for camels via our app.

What are the camels used for?

The camels are mostly used for milk production.

Do I get revenues from the milk?

Yes. Every quarter we will be distributing dividends from the milk sales to camel owners. Quarterly dividends will be 5% of camel’s purchase value for 6 quarters or until the owner sells animals. To be eligible for dividends from the milk a user must own at least 50% of  a camel.  Recording of milk dividends will start from June 1, 2018. The first distribution will be made at the end of the 3rd quarter. Payments will be deposited to owner’s balance in the app.

Who gets the offspring of the camel?

We usually buy lactating camels and sell them after the lactation period is over or earlier. We don’t usually wait for the camel to become pregnant again.

What is the pregnancy length of camels?

The pregnancy length (gestation period) for camels is around 9-14 months.

When do camels reach puberty?

Camels reach sexual maturity when they are 2 or 3 years old, they begin to breed when they are 4 or 5. There is usually at least a two-year interval between calves.

Can camels have multiple births?

Camels usually have one calf and it can run few hours after it is born.

What happens if my camel dies?

No worries. We will offer you a new camel for free.

What is the life expectancy of camels?

Camels can live 40-50 years.

What do camels eat?

Camels are herbivores and will graze. Camel can survive without food and water long period of time. When they find water, they will drink as much as possible. They can drink up to 150 liters of water at once.

Do I own a specific camel?

No, but you own a specific number of camels or camel shares.

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