Dear community,

There is currently severe drought in Somalia. The current situation is so extreme that livestock farmers are not able to find food and water for their families and animals. People and animals are facing starvation. Today we are launching a campaign to help these people.

The farmers are not poor but they are unable to sell animals right now. We have found a solution that enables us to help the farmers in advance and get animals from them in the spring. We are already helping 6 families but we have an ambition to support up to 50 families in Mudug region in Somalia by pre-ordering animals from them, pay them now and they will provide us the animals we ordered during the spring. This campaign will save lives. Please join us and pre-order your goats or sheep today.

The price of one goat or sheep can feed a family for 1 month. They can use the money to buy rice, maize, millet and water.

Order your GOATS or SHEEP now. The animals you order now will be registered in the app in April. We will post regular updates about the impact of this campaign on our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and also on our blog.