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Tech-powered livestock market

We are building an efficient, tech-powered livestock market for Africa that is open all year round

The problem

Livestock farmers in East Africa live in poverty because they cannot find buyers for their animals during dry seasons.

The solution

Using capital from our global investors, own infrastructure and technology we are building an all year round market for livestock.

Who we are is founded by former livestock farmers. We are experts in this field and understand the market.

How we work

1. We buy

Unlike local traders, we buy animals all year round, giving nomads a reliable alternative market for their animals.

2. We maintain

We take care of the animals at our own farms and improve their quality by providing food, water and medicine.

3. We sell

We sell animals to the local livestock market and to exporters. Guaranteeing supply of quality animals throughout the year.

Our impact

Sustainable life for farmers

We provide local farmers an all year round market for their livestock so they no longer have to struggle for food and water.

Creates jobs

Our local operation creates jobs for former nomads who take care of the animals, monitors the market, buy and sell animals.

Contributes to the local economy

We are improving the local market by providing reliable supply of animals throughout the year for consumers and exporters.

You can join the trading

Yes, from anywhere in the world!

You can buy, own & trade animals ONLINE.


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