Great news folks! the first animals from our partner nomads in central Somalia are now registered in the app. The animals have been delayed by droughts but we have been able to get in touch with the nomads and get the first animals. This is of course great deal for the nomads too as they have got money from us to buy food and water.


We have also added new features to the app. You can now buy extra products and services for your animals. Among the new additions is something called Plus One +1 which guarantees you 1 extra animal if your animal doesn’t get a baby in a year.

You can now see the full profile of animals listed in the marketplace. We have also made small updates to the animal profile.

We have also moved the animals at our pilot farm near Mogadishu to the countryside now. They are being taken care of by a nomad family. Updates from the animals are now on hold for few weeks because of heavy rains in the area that made roads inaccessible.

Lastly, we have revised our terms of service. Please take a look.