Dear Community,

In September we won the Best Newcomer Startup in Sweden at Nordic Startup Awards that were presented as part of Stockholm Tech Fest. We also made to the final for two other categories.

In September we also introduced first camels for sale on our platform. Half of the camels have been ordered in just one week. We are now working to buy the camels from nomads in central Somalia. We also hired the first camel-herder who is now scouting camels for us.

In October we plan to take our operation in Somalia to the next level by finally building a local subsidiarity company and hiring management team. We plan to build a big farm in central Somalia where all the animals we have in that region will be moved to and will be taken care of by nomads from that area. Our goal in the next two months is to improve the efficiency and productivity of the local team.

The livestock feed we shipped to Somalia has also cleared from the port in Mogadishu and is now in a warehouse. We plan to use it at the farm once the construction is completed.

Unfortunately, there has been an outbreak of disease at our newly opened chicken farm that killed half of the chickens we bought for breeding. We decided not to add any new chickens to the farm until we evaluate the situation. There is a lack of medicine and knowledgeable veterinarians for chickens. We will update about the situation next month. However, this will not affect the returns of owners who bought chickens.

We have also decided not to offer any new animals for sale until we have improved the local organisation and opened the new farm in November.