Dear fans,

October has been another eventful month. We have reached an important milestone in October as our pilot farm has reached full capacity. We have also announced an expansion of our model with the upcoming partnership with the nomads. From November, we are partnering with nomads to take care of our animals.

We are going to provide our partner nomads with insurance to support them when droughts happen. We will buy the animals from them and they will take care of them for us as part of their herd and keep the milk. This will make their more sustainable.

Unfortunately, the process to start this partnership has been slow due to the current droughts in many parts of Somalia. The expected rain has not fallen in central Somalia where we found our first partners. We are now hoping to buy the first animals in central Somalia by mid November.

In the meantime, we have also moved some of the animals on our pilot farm to the countryside. As a result, we will be able to add more animals in that area in the next weeks.

We have also started selling sheep on pre-orders. Customers who ordered the first sheep will get their animals registered in the app in the next few weeks.

There has also been activity on our app marketplace. We can now proudly announce that first customers have sold animals within the app and made profits.

Unfortunately, October has also been a painful month for us. There has been a small outbreak of unknown disease in the area where our farm is located. This has affected some of our animals and as result we lost animals. The situation is now better and customers who lost animals have been informed and will get their replacement in the coming weeks.

We are now looking forward to November.