Dear Community,

We have been very busy the last couple months with expanding our local team and operations. In October, we officially registered our local company and opened our new office in Mogadishu where four of our local team members will manage our operations in Somalia.


We also opened the first camel farm outside Mogadishu. Our initial plan was to open the farm in central Somalia, however due to lack of good quality camels in that region we changed the location. Three people have started working at the camel farm.


Next week we are starting the construction for another farm in the region of Mudug in central Somalia where we will move all the animals (goats and sheep) in that region. Since we have now access to livestock feed, we decided it will be best if our team takes care of the animals as it has been difficult to keep in touch with the nomads.

Owners who bought animals last year have now started receiving their new animals. More owners will receive new animals in this month.

Unfortunately, we have decided to close the pilot chicken farm we started in August due to risk for diseases, lack of knowledgeable veterinarians and medicine.

Back in Sweden, we won the Best Social Enterprise at Business Challenge, an award and business development program for growing Swedish companies. In September, we were also recognized as the Best Newcomer Startup in Sweden at Nordic Startup Awards.

If you are waiting to order new animals, we are expecting to re-open new orders in the coming weeks. Add yourself to the waiting list on this page: