Dear Community,

Here comes another monthly update from the team. In November we made important progress towards our partnership with the nomads/farmers. Because of droughts in most of Northern and Central Somalia we had to wait for several weeks for the nomads to settle down before we could buy the first animals from them.

Fortunately, there has been some light rains in the Mudug region where we got our first partners. We bought animals (goats and sheep) from this group. As a result of our partnership they have been very happy to be able to sell their animals to us and be able to get cash to buy food during this difficult period. This is of course inline with our mission to help the nomads during droughts.  We are waiting pictures from the families.

We are also waiting more animals from this region which are expected to be registered in the next weeks. We apologize for the customers who are waiting their new animals about the delay but right we can only wait as it takes sometime for our coordinator to reach the nomads.

We have also officially moved the animals at the pilot farm near Mogadishu to nomads in the Lower Shabelle. As we have announced in October we believe this is the most cost effective way for our operation and also the most impactful way to help the nomads. This particular nomad family were refugees in Mogadishu so we actually helped them to re-establish their life back in the countryside.

The updates from the animals have delayed because of several factors, including moving the animals, rain in the Lower Shabelle region. In the future we will make the individual updates from the animals on bi-weekly schedule.

After treatment we have also got the good news that the disease that has affected some of the animals at the farm is now contained but we have lost number of animals. Most of the customers have been notified and got their replacement animals. Customers who are waiting their new animals will get them as soon as we register new animals.

Finally, we have also added some new features to the app and are now working to launch native apps on Android and Iphone soon.

If you are looking for the fastest way to buy animals right now, there are good number of animals listed in our app marketplace.

Another awesome news is that we now have customers in 14 countries 🙂

Until the next update, we wish you happy holidays! Team