Dear Community,

Here comes another update. In November we have been fully focused on scaling and improving our operations in Somalia. As we have communicated in October we have now registered a local company with an office in Mogadishu. Our team has started their work at the new office to coordinate all the activities we are doing in the country.


We have also completed the construction of our new farm near the village of Bandar Qaali, in Mudug region this week. The farm is located in the countryside where animals are free to move for grazing but also get extra food and water. The farm becomes the permanent base for all the animals we have in that region.  It will also act as a marketplace where farmers in the surrounding areas can sell their animals throughout the year. Seven former nomads have found work in the new farm. We have now a total of 14 employees in Somalia.

Outside Mogadishu, we have closed our chicken farm and converted to a small camel farm. Three employees are working there to take care of the camels. We plan to expand the camel farm in the coming months.

We are not ready yet to accept new orders as the capacity of our new farm is full and we are no longer partnering with nomads to take care of our animals. However, we are planning to expand the capacity of the farm and will open new orders as soon as possible. Our goal is to open new farms across Somalia and potentially in the neighboring countries.

This week we are taking part of Europe’s largest tech conference Slush in Helsinki, where we have been voted one of top 50 startups participating this year.