Dear Community,

Here comes another monthly update. The good news and challenges continue.

  • Rainfall continues; since the start of spring in April it is been sporadically raining across parts of Somalia including in the regions of Mudug and Lower Shabelle where we have animals. The farmers (nomads) have been moving around to find the best areas to settle down for few months.
  • We have finally received the first patch of new animals we have ordered months ago. More animals will be registered in the app in the coming week.
  • There has been a shortage of livestock in the markets as nomads do not want to sell their animals now as they wait for better prices.
  • Export of livestock has resumed at the main ports in Somalia. Since it is Ramadan the demand for livestock usually increases during this period, locally and from The Middle East buyers.
  • We have decided to stop taking new orders while we are making the local operations more efficient. We are increasing our capacity to handle more animals .
  • We have been improving the app, you can now see an overview of the price of goats and sheep in Somalia as well as historical prices and how the price is changing.
  • The digital Marketplace is closed temporarily while we fix problems with payment system.
  • Also we have done few design updates to the app.
  • Camels are almost here 🙂

Check out the app and let’s know your feedback.

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