Dear Community,

It is that time of the month when we sum up the activity of our operations in the last four weeks.

Due to floods across many parts of Somalia the month of May has been a quiet month for our operation. The floods have disrupted the movement of animals and blocked roads. The market prices have spiked due to the shortage of supply of animals in cities. It is also Ramadan in Somalia which usually increases the demand for livestock in the country.

For the past couple months we have been putting more focus on acquiring camels. Our newly launched online camel milk delivery service in Mogadishu is doing well as the demand for camel milk is particularly high during holy of Ramadan.

As we have announced in April, camel owners will get share of milk revenues. Starting from today every user who owns at least 50% of camel shares will be eligible to get share of revenues from the milk. The payment will be based on 5% of the camel’s purchase value which we will pay at the end of the quarter. First payment will be made on October 1 for the period between Jun 1-September 30. The milk revenues will be paid for 6 quarters or 18 months.

At our goat/sheep farm in central Somalia the situation is good and stable as it has been raining throughout the month. The drought is officially over and the nomads in the surrounding areas are now in a very good mood. Our animals are grazing pasture near the farm.

In May, we have also started planning for the next major introduction to the platform – Food. We are now building the first test greenhouse. We will share more details in the future.

That is it for May. We are looking forward to a productive and sunny June.