Dear Community,

It is that time of the month when we sum up what has happened the last four weeks.

In March, we launched the first camel milk delivery service in Somalia together with our local partner company in the country. Camel milk is the most popular milk in Somalia and has a good market. Through this service we are enabling residents of Mogadishu to order milk online directly from our camel farm.

We have employed 3 more people in our local operations in Somalia. They will be part of our camel team who are responsible for maintenance, milk and delivery. Our local team stands at 18 now. We are also acquiring new camels almost every week from the livestock market in Mogadishu.

The spring rainfall has started in Mudug central Somalia where our goats and sheep farm is located. This is a good news for the nomads and their animals who live in region as they have avoided the droughts.

Due to the good weather the livestock market prices have been unusually high in March. Although the market is unpredictable but the locals expect the prices to rise in the coming weeks.

We have also introduced a new merchandise. You can now buy fun and creative t-shirts to express yourself. Check out the collections for goats, sheep and camels 🙂

Our global community of digital livestock traders has been growing in the last month too. We welcome our newest members from the US, South Korea, UAE and Sweden.

That is it for March. We are looking forward to a productive April.