Dear Community,

Another month and another update. This time, I have more positives than challenges. June has been very productive month for us and our local team. Here are the main events:

More animals bought

We have acquired a lot more animals (specially goats) that we have now a surplus of goats in the platform for the first time since the launch. We have now most animals in the central region of Mudug, Somalia.


Chicken introduced

We have announced that we will open the first organic chicken farm outside Mogadishu in the end of August. We have secured the land where will open the farm and are now preparing for the construction. This will start with a small organic farm that will host around 1000 laying hens for egg production. It is a pilot.

The response from the community has been amazing. Within just 10 days 70% of the chickens have been pre-ordered. If you are considering to buy chickens, you should probably make your purchase today. The farm will be full soon.

Food supply secured

One of the toughest challenges we faced last year and beginning of this year was access to animal feed. Because of the severe droughts in Somalia, we could not find food for the animals. This forced us to close the initial pilot farm we built for the goats and moved all the animals to the countryside. But even the nomads have struggled to find pasture for the animals.

The droughts are not over and will be happening more often due to global warming. We are considering to eventually be able to produce our own food in Somalia but because the situation is an emergency, we have made a deal with one of the biggest animal feed producers in Italy to deliver livestock feed to Somalia. This will give our team and our partners food security for the animals and will make sure we can run our operation all year round and make the difference we want to make.


Updated how we track animals

As the number of animals we have is growing, we also updated the way we track and report animals. Although we sell animals for breeding but it is been hard to track the status of individual animals across long distances. To simply this operation, we have updated and standardized our model and gave the owners guaranteed number of new animals based on the type they bought. For chickens, the owner will get +1 new chicken every 3 months for 12 months and for goats and sheep +1 kid/lamb every 12 months for 3 years. This simplifies our operation and gives users transparency about what they can expect.

Other events in June

In June we have introduced ability to buy animals with Bitcoin. We have closed the peer-to-peer app marketplace as it is not been very active. Made some more improvements in the app. We have been featured on Inc Arabia Magazine bringing us more customers from the UAE. We have now customers in 19 countries in 4 continents.