Dear Community,

July is usually a quiet month for Swedish companies but not for us. In July, we sent the first shipment of the livestock feed we bought from Italy to Somalia. The shipment is expected to arrive in Mogadishu this week.

We have introduced a new way to sell your animals. Instead of waiting several weeks until your animals are taken to the local market we have decided to immediately pay the owners the current average market price which is shown in the app. Once an owner requests to sell their animals we basically become the new owners and decide what to do with those animals. Depending on their gender, we may take them to the local market or keep them for breeding and sell them to our online community. We made this decision to simplify our logistics and give the owners a clear idea of what they can get for their animals at any time.


The first chicken farm we announced in mid June was sold out. All the 1000 chickens we plan to host in the farm have been ordered in just four weeks. Mostly by our existing users. On Monday we started the construction for the farm and should be completed by this week. It is very basic facility where chickens can freely roam, eat and get care. The chickens will create jobs. First chickens will be moved to the farm in the coming weeks.


The spring pasture is also running out in most parts of Somalia specially the central parts where we have the most animals today. The nomads who take care of our animals are on the move again in search of pasture for their animals. Moving further and further away from cities and towns.

In July we have been nominated for three prizes at the Nordic Startup Awards (Best Social Impact, Best Newcomer and Best Bootstrapped Startup). We have also been featured in magazines in Germany, Poland and Sweden.

And we have now owners in 21 countries. The latest owners come from Spain, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

That was July. Hopefully August and September will be exciting as well.