Dear Community,

Since June there has been several updates.

1. We are soon opening the first camel farm in Kenya. We have leased a land outside Nairobi and are now waiting the first animals to arrive in the next couple weeks. The farm will provide fresh camel milk to the residents of Nairobi city. The farm will also create several jobs for people who will take care of the animals. The investment model will be similar to the farm in Mogadishu, Somalia. We plan to build more camel farms as they have been most profitable.

2. The response for the upcoming greenhouse farms have been amazing. So far more than 200 people have joined the waiting list for the pilot greenhouse farm that we are building in central Somalia. I am happy to announce that we have now everything ready to start the construction. We have found an experienced engineer who will travel from Kenya to train our Somalia team and build the pilot greenhouse. The land, water and people who will work at the greenhouse are all ready. We are starting the construction in three weeks.

One of the greenhouses farms we have been studying in Kenya.

3. We have now published more information about how the greenhouse investment will work. You can read more in the app or here.  In the next few days we will open orders for the first users on the waiting list. We will use the money raised to cover the construction cost of the greenhouses. We expect the greenhouses will be ready and planted by the begining of September.

4. The operational cost for the goats and sheep farm in Mudug has been too high in recent months, therefore we have decided not to add new animals for now as we evaluate ways to reduce costs.

5. The app has also been updated. You can now see the farms where you have invested in and you can also browse more information about every farm. More updates will be coming the next few weeks.