Dear Community,

In February we have been mostly busy improving the functionality of the app. We have put more focus on improving the digital Marketplace. Among the updates in the marketplace is an addition of Top Livestock Traders, a leaderboard of users. Pregnant animals will also be highlighted and also show the estimated due date. We are also planning to add few more features, ability to filter results and also improve the payment system.

In Somalia the elections have been concluded and now the country seems to be united around the new government, which will hopefully lead to better security in the southern regions. Unfortunately, the drought is still ongoing and rain is not expected before the end of this month. However, we are expecting to acquire new animals as soon the rain season starts.

We have already started to pre-order animals from new farmers and also started talking with potential partners from other countries where we could possibly start new operations and acquire new animals.  We are also going to start more marketing efforts and promote the platform more aggressively.

Also announced and coming soon is a chatbot that will answer all your questions about the project and your animals right in Facebook Messenger. Stayed tuned for that!