Dear Community,

It is that time of the month when we sum up what has happened the last four weeks.

February is one of the driest months in Somalia. That means our local team has been busy buying new animals and taking care of the animals in the farms as their need for water and food increases in this month. We also acquired new camels for the farm outside Mogadishu.

Animals getting water at our farm in Bandar Qaali, Mudug, Somalia.

In February, the local livestock market prices have been higher than expected in the regions where we have operations. Normally, the prices drop during the winter but the prices have been high in this month due to the availability of good quality animals from the nomads. This is of course good for the nomads as they can get good money for their animals.

New animals at our farm in Banaadir, Somalia.

I am proud of our community that has been very generous in February. In this month, we donated a total of 10 animals on behalf of our users to families in the village of Bandar Qaali close to our farm in central Somalia. With the click of a button we enable users to donate any of their animals directly to needy families.

A family getting a goat donated by one of our users.

We have also done some updates to the app. You can now see specific numbers about your impact. You can see how many people you have impacted with your investment, how many jobs you have created and your overall contribution to the local economy. The numbers are calculated based on the average nomad family size, the total number of jobs we created so far at our farms and the overall percentage of livestock in Somalia’s economy. Login to the app to see your impact.

User specific impact numbers. See your numbers in the app.

We have also sorted out the online payment issues. You can now buy animals with your Credit Card on our website, make a quick transfer via Worldremit or pay directly to our bank accounts.

That is it for February. We are looking forward to March and the spring.


New camels at our farm in Banaadir.