Dear Community,

It is time to finally deliver some good news. Rain has fallen in several parts of Somalia the last week including areas where our partner nomads live. Although some are still waiting for the rain. This is of course a huge relief for us and for the nomads of Somalia who have had a rough year. Now the nomads are moving to the areas that offer the best rainfall and will settle for some months.

We can proudly say that we have saved lives during the droughts in Somalia with our program. The nomads that have partnered with us have lost some of their animals but had food and water for their families and the animals thanks to our community.

We are now waiting to register the first hundred animals that we have pre-ordered in the next couple weeks. We are also adding new partner farmers and make sure all the customers that are waiting for new animals will have their animals registered as soon as possible.

In April we have also done some updates to the app and few more updates will be added soon.

Our goal is from now to have an efficient operation in Somalia where we have increased our local team. We made the work of the local team more efficient by discontinuing updates from specific animals and focusing on keeping track of the overall animals with each farmer and the local market.

All in all, we had a tough but exciting months since launch but hopefully things will be smoother going forward.