Dear Community,

It is that time of the month when we sum up the activity of our operations in the last four weeks.

We started April with the launch of the first online fresh camel milk delivery in Somalia. It was very well received in Mogadishu where we couldn’t meet the demand from local customers who loved the service. We are now focused on acquiring as many camels as possible to make sure we have enough supply of milk from our farm. We plan to expand the farm and build more camel farms.


In April we also announced that camel owners will get dividends from the milk sales. Starting from June 1, 2018 users who own at least 50% of a camel will be eligible to get quarterly revenues from the milk based on 5% of the camel’s purchase value. You can read more about this here.  If you plan to buy camels, it is good idea to order early as it can take a sometime to find new camels in the market.

The operation at our goat farm in central Somalia has been slowed down because the local market prices have been too high. We intended to buy new animals during the winter and early spring but because of the good climate the market prices have been too high. However, this has been a good deal for nomads and our users who already own animals who could sell for a good profit. We expect the market prices to stay high until the summer.

The spring rainfall has been pouring all over Somalia in April causing massive flooding in many parts of the country. It has been disastrous for towns along the Shabelle and Jubba rivers. However, the nomads are joyful about the end of the droughts that has devastated their lives during the past two years.

In april, our global community of livestock owners has been growing. We welcomed new members from Brazil, Bahrain, Ireland, Turkey and South Africa. Camels have been the most popular animals in April.

If you have not already seen, we have introduced fun and creative t-shirts for the community. Check out the collections for goatssheep and camels 🙂

That is it for April. We are looking forward to a productive May.