It has been little over a month since we launched our app and got first orders. With this post we will review the month and update our fans about the progress we made so far.

First of all, we have been blown away by the response since the launch, our pilot farm is now almost full and we have got customers from more than 15 countries around the world. We have presented the concept at several events in Sweden including the biggest tech event Sthlm Tech Fest on September 6.

To respond to the demand and make sure everything is in order, we have sent a team to Somalia. We upgraded the farm by building more spaces for the animals, streamlined the operations and increased the staff. There are now 7 people working at the farm near Mogadishu. We have also opened an office in the city to make the administrative tasks such as sending updates, buying animals etc, so the staff at the farm can focus to care for the animals.


Not only have we created jobs at our farm but we have also made direct impact on two other important groups. We have put thousands of dollars in the pockets of nomads who sold some of their animals to us from the towns of Wanlaweyn and Afgoye. We have offered them better prices than they will normally get for their animals.


Another impact has been made on crop farmers in Afgoye who supply us food for the animals. We have bought hay, millet and other products from these farmers to feed our animals. The costs of feeding the animals has been one area where we have underestimated, due to this we have decided to raise our prices.

There has also been some activity at our app marketplace, customers have been selling and buying animals from each other. This is exactly the vision we have set for and the most efficient way to sell your animals.

A dozen baby goats have been born at the farm in the last 4 weeks. This is of course a good news for our goat owners when their animals give birth. Many of the goats at the farm are pregnant and are expected to give birth in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, we have also lost few animals due to illness and have offered replacement animals to their owners.

All in all, it has been a great but challenging month for us. We are now looking forward to normal operations at the pilot farm and have already identified the location for the next farm.