Livestock export companies in Somalia are struggling to find animals to export. According to a report by Radio Ergo, local export companies are having hard time to find animals to supply to their buyers in the Middle East. Saleebaan Awad Da’ale who runs export company Gaagaale told the radio they have exported 20,000 animals in the last 3 weeks. 

Saleemaan complains about lack of supply of animals. Previously his company used to buy more than 30,000 animals per day from the livestock market in Buro city in the semi-autonomous region of Somaliland but nowadays they cannot even find 100 good quality animals.

The reason behind the drop of supply is due to the severe drought that hit the country. However, it has rained most of the country in April. So why are nomads not selling their animals? Muuse Aadan Du’ale who is a trader in the Buro market explains that nomads want to hold on to their animals until they grow so they can get the best price in the market. Right now the average goat prices in the market is around 70$.

The lack of supply of animals has also affected as we are still waiting to get the animals we have ordered several months ago.

Livestock export is crucial to Somalia’s economy. According to FAO Somalia is the number #1 exporter of goats and sheep in the world. The country has exported over 5 million animals in 2015.