I am happy to announce that from today, you will be able to instantly sell your animals in the local market. How do we do it? As we are now reporting the average prices of the local market. When you decide to sell your animals we will pay you the current average market price as displayed in the app. No more waiting.

We made this decision after observing that the average market prices are very reasonable indicator of what the owners can get for their animals if we take them to the local market.

We will decide what to do with the animal ourselves. Depending on the gender of  the animal, we may take to the market immediately, later or keep them for breeding.  As a result of this, we are also changing our commission to 10% transaction fee of the price you get for the animal (which in the end would be cheaper than the 40% we take today from the profit) and easier to calculate than waiting until all the animals are sold.

For example, if the average price of goats is $ 76 in the app, we will pay you that price (minus 10% transaction fee).  The amount will be added to your balance in the app, which you can request to withdraw or re-invest in more animals.