Dear community,

Since the launch of we have been getting requests from users who will like to invest in other agricultural products.  Today, I am delighted to announce that we are soon expanding to food. This will increase our impact and diversify our offering. We are building greenhouse farms to produce organic food in Somalia.

We already built a small greenhouse at our camel farm outside Mogadishu to train our team on how to build greenhouses with drip irrigation.

The greenhouses will produce vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, etc. We are setting up the first pilot greenhouse near our goats/sheep farm in Bandar Qaali, Mudug in August 2018.  There is already available water and land there. Another reason why we want to start here is because there is a shortage of vegetables in this region. We want to provide locally produced quality vegetables at affordable prices. This will improve the food security of this region and create jobs.

Depending on the outcome from the pilot greenhouses we will expand to other regions in the north and south Somalia and possibly Kenya. We also want to take advantage in smart farming solutions and test new farming technologies at the farms.

As always we want to include our global community to participate in this venture. Just like the animals users will be able to invest in the greenhouse farms. We are still working on the investment model, specifics will be announced later.

If you want to be one of the first people to get the opportunity to participate, you can register your interest in the waiting list here.