Today, I am super excited to introduce my absolute, favorite mammal!

Camels, are a national treasure in Somalia. Somalia is the world’s biggest camel milk producer and camel milk is the most consumed milk in the country. Camels are very productive for Somali society and especially for nomads. They are used for transport, milk production, meat, investment and as a symbol of status.

Our community has been requesting camels since the start, but it has taken us a while to develop a good model and find good people to take care of the animals. Today, I am happy to announce that we will be offering 30 camels for sale to our community. These camels will be based in the Mudug region in Somalia where we will open a farm in November. We will be breeding them for milk production.

Following a similar model to the other animals we sell, the owners of the camels will be offered a new camel every 18 months for 36 months whether your camel has offspring or not. All the maintenance fees and other costs are included in the price. We will also be sending updates from the camels on a quarterly basis. Owners will be able to sell their camels for the average, local, market price that we report in the app.

First camels will be registered at the end of November.

Basic camel facts

  • There are two types of camels, dromedary and bactrian camels. Somalia has only dromedary camels.
  • Camel milk is rich in iron, vitamins and minerals and is healthier than cow’s milk because it contains less fat.
  • Pregnancy in camels lasts from 9-14 months
  • Camels normally have one calf which can run just a few hours after it is born.
  • Camels can live 40-50 years.

So, if you want to become one of the exclusive camel owners on – make your order as soon as possible!