As many of you know, our mission has been from the start to help nomads in Somalia who are affected by severe droughts. 2016 has been a very difficult year for many livestock farmers in Somalia. Many of them have lost their animals and have moved to the cities. Those who remain in the countryside have been struggling.


In the last few months we have been partnering with nomads who still remain in the countryside to help them. They need urgent food and water for themselves and their animals during the winter period. The spring is expected at the end of March.

So far we have partnered with 6 families in Mudug and Lower Shabelle regions, impacting directly over 50 people mostly children and indirectly over 100 who are their relatives. We have purchased hundreds of animals from these families. They have got money from us to buy food and water. These are families who have animals in good condition.

One of our partners is Reyfe [pictured below] who lives 40 km from the city of Galkayo in Mudug. His family consists of two adults and 8 children. He has around 500 goats and sheep. Because of shortage of grass, he feeds his animals with maize, millet and other foods. We have purchased 50 goats from them ensuring they have money to buy food and water for the remainder of the winter for his family and the animals.


We are also partnering with families who are not able to sell animals right now but will provide us animals in the spring. We are offering them advance payment in exchange for pre-agreed number of animals in the spring.

Everyday our coordinators in Somalia are getting calls from struggling nomads who will like to join our program but we are not able to support everyone. Due to the severity of the droughts and the security situation in some parts of the country. However, we will carefully partner with farmers who we believe can benefit from our program.