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Bandar Qaali, Mudug, Somalia

About this farm

This farm is located outside the village of Bandar Qaali in the central Somalia region of Mudug. The village is 50km from the city of Galkacyo which is about 750km away from Mogadishu. We built this farm in this area because of easy access to livestock and availability of land. This region of Somalia has high concentration of nomads who own many goats and sheep. The farm creates a market for the nomads and provides animals to the market in Galkacyo. The farm has water from the nearby village, food and medicine for the animals.

Investment in goats and sheep

You can trade goats and sheep from this farm. We buy the animals from the nomads in the region and sell them in the livestock market in Galkacyo. Every week you can see the prices from the local livestock market. As an investor you can make money by buying animals when the prices drop and sell when they go up. The animals are taken care of at the farm until they are sold to the market. We don’t breed animals from this farm.

Example investment in goats and sheep

If you buy a goat for $60 and sell for $90. After our commission of 10% of the selling price you will make $21 which is 35% return on your investment. If you don’t make a profit, we don’t take a commission.

Local impact

This farm creates jobs for former nomads who are responsible for taking care of the animals. So far we have created jobs for 5 people who work at the farm and sell animals in the market. The farm also creates a market for nomads who want to sell their animals to us. In addition, the animals we sell to the market also create an impact as we are able to provide animals when there is low supply.

Pictures from the farm

People who work here

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