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On you can donate animals such as goats, sheep and camels directly to families

How it works

1 Click Donation

Through our app you can buy animals first and donate with a click of a button. Our local team will take care of the rest.

We find a family

Our local team identifies an individual or a family that deserves your donation. Mostly we give the animals to internally displaced refugees (IDP).

Receive feedback

Afterthe goat is transferred you will get pictures from the receiver and the handover. It takes just 1 week to complete this process.

Why donate a goat?

Livestock is an important asset in Somalia and other African countries. The animals provide milk, meat and capital. By gifting/donating animals such as goats, sheep or camels you will be contributing to creating a sustainable livelihood for families.

We donate female animals. Families will raise these animals for reproduction and sell their milk to get an extra income. We specially give the animals to former nomads who have lost all of their animals during the recent droughts. This helps them re-establish their lifestyle and is hugely appreciated.

Unlike the charities who run the symbolic GIFT A GOAT schemes but use the money for other activities, we donate real animals to real people in a transparent way. As a member of our platform you own your animals and it is your choice whether to donate them, sell them or give them as a present to your friends and family.

Buy your animals on our website, download our app and send your first animals as a donation with a click a button.

You will be amazed how easy and transparent it is to make a difference.

Recent donations

Our other impact

Jobs created

So far we have created jobs for 15 jobs at our office & farms in Somalia. Our employees are nomads, women and youth.

Market for nomads

We have offered a direct and reliable market for nomads who need to sell their animals. We can buy animals all year round.

Own farms

We have built our own farms (2) where the animals get better care by getting extra food, water and medicine.

The company

Registered in Kenya

P.O BOX 102281-00101
Kujacraft bldg, Eastleigh
Nairobi, Kenya.

Operations in Somalia

Banadir Building,
Maka Al Mukarama Str,
Mogadishu, Somalia

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