Send animals as a present –

Cool meaningful present for your friends

Send animals such as goats, sheep and camels as a present to your friends, family and colleagues

How it works

Real animals

Through our app you can buy real animals first and send them as gift with a click of a button. Your friends will get an e-mail notification from us.

Transferred instantly

As soon as the recipient accepts the gift and creates an account on our app, the animal will be transferred from your account. Now they are new owner.

Meaningful present

By gifting a goat to your friends, family and colleagues you are helping them make an impact through our platform. This is meaningful and cool present.

Why animals as a present?

Our users love the possibility of being able to send animals as a present to their friends, family and colleagues. Since is an investment and social impact platform, it is amazing to enable your network to also make an impact and earn money at the same time.

Our app makes it easy to send animals as a gift. All you have to do is choose the animal you want to send, type the e-mail of the receiver and you are done. They will get an instant notification from us.

Our users have sent animals as wedding presents, birthday present and for other occations. It is a unique gift that is not available anywhere else. It is not like one of those charity donations but a direct gift of a real animal to someone you care about.

They can choose to sell the animals, gift to their friends and family or donate to local families with our help. So if you are looking for a cool, fun and meaningful present, look no further.

Our impact

Jobs created

So far we have created jobs for 15 jobs at our office & farms in Somalia. Our employees are nomads, women and youth.

Market for nomads

We have offered a direct and reliable market for nomads who need to sell their animals. We can buy animals all year round.

Own farms

We have built our own farms (2) where the animals get better care by getting extra food, water and medicine.

The company

Registered in Kenya

P.O BOX 102281-00101
Kujacraft bldg, Eastleigh
Nairobi, Kenya.

Operations in Somalia

Banadir Building,
Maka Al Mukarama Str,
Mogadishu, Somalia

The numbers




Animals traded


People impacted




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