Dear camel owners,

Here is a good news for camel owners! Since we opened our first camel farm we have been testing the market for camel milk in Somalia. Last month we launched the first online camel milk delivery in Somalia called Hormaal together with our local partner.

Revenues from the milk are mainly used to cover the maintenance costs for the animals. However, starting from the third quarter of this year we are offering camel owners dividends from the milk sales.

As a camel owner, you will get quarterly dividend from the milk which will be based on 5% of the camel’s purchase value. Camel owners will receive dividends for 6 quarters or until they sell their camel.┬áTo be eligible for dividends from the milk a user must own at least 50% of a camel.

Recording of milk dividends will start from June 1, 2018. The first distribution will be made at the end of the 3rd quarter. Payments will be deposited to owner’s balance in the app.