Camel farm –


Mogadishu, Banaadir, Somalia

About this farm

This camel farm is located 13 kilometers from Mogadishu city. Camels are very important in Somalia both for milk and meat. Somalia is the world’s #1 camel milk producer. From this farm we are selling fresh camel milk to the residents of Mogadishu. Customers can order milk from this farm online and get delivered to their homes and offices by our local partner company. The demand for fresh camel milk is very high in Mogadishu and throughout Somalia. At this farm camels are given utmost care by former nomads who have been camel herders for many generations. The animals have access to quality food, medicine and water.

Investment in camels

For this farm we only buy camels that are lactating or pregnant camels that are close to give birth. As an investor you can make money by getting a share of the revenues that are generated from the milk that we sell from the farm. Every quarter we share 5% of the camel’s purchase value from the milk revenues for 18 months. After 18 months the revenues from the milk will stop as this is the average months that a camel can produce milk. It is possible to buy a whole camel or shares of a camel. To be eligible for revenues from the milk, the investor must own at least 50% of camel shares. You can always sell your camel before or after 18 months by following the local market price which you can see in the app.

Example investment in camels

If you buy a camel for $ 1500, you will be eligible for 5% of the camel’s purchase price for every quarter. Therefore, you will get $ 75 per quarter for 6 quarters or $ 450 in total, which is 30% return on your investment. After 18 months you can sell your camel based on the local market price. If you make a profit from the sale we will take 10% commission. If you don’t make a profit, we don’t take a commission.

Local impact

This farm creates jobs for former nomads who are responsible for taking care of the animals and selling milk. So far we have created jobs for 7. The farm also creates another impact by providing fresh camel milk to the residents of the city . In addition, we also make an impact by providing a market for people who want to sell camels to us.

Pictures from the farm

People who work here

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