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About Ari.farm

Ari.farm is an impact tech startup based in Sweden & Somalia that has developed an exciting online platform that enables anyone anywhere in the world

to easily invest in livestock in Africa by buying, owning and selling animals online.

Our story

Ari.farm is founded by Mohamed M Jimale, who grew up as a nomad in Somalia where his family have been livestock farmers for generations. In 2010, he moved to Sweden as a refugee where he has started other projects and worked for the UN. Before moving to Sweden, he studied IT.

In 2016, Somalia was hit by severe drought that has impacted the lives of many nomads (who account for half of Somalia’s population). Jimale was devastated by the news coming from Somalia and wanted to do something. So he decided to combine his intimate connection to the nomads and his IT skills to build the most epic app that allows people from all over the world to buy animals such as goats and sheep directly from the nomads.

He launched Ari.farm in Stockholm in August 2016.

Jimale’s mission with Ari.farm is to support livestock farmers in East Africa by giving them new market for their animals and create jobs for them. His vision is to make the whole livestock market more efficient with technology.

In East Africa there are 20 million full time livestock farmers. Only in Somalia livestock accounts for 40% of the country’s economy. Any investment and improvements in this sector will have profound impact in the lives of people and the local economy.

The Team

We are a mixed team of former nomads and change makers with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, business and tech.



Join the team

If you’re driven by making a social impact, come join our team! contact jimale@ari.farm

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