– Trade livestock online

Trade livestock online

Buy, own & trade animals from your smartphone and support livestock farmers in East Africa


Own animals

On you can buy & own animals such as goats, sheep, chickens or camels through your phone. We buy, take care and sell animals for you.

Make an impact

Your investment helps livestock farmers & creates jobs in Somalia. Through our app you can follow how your investment makes a difference.

Make money

Our team monitors the market & sells animals on your behalf. When your animals are sold, you can re-invest or withdraw your money.

The problem

At least half of the year livestock farmers in Somalia live in poverty because they cannot find buyers for their animals.


The solution

On our tech-powered livestock market, farmers can sell animals year-round as an investment to our global community.


Who we are is founded by a former livestock farmer. We are experts in this field and understand the market.

How it works

1. We buy

Based on your choice, our local team buys goats, sheep, chickens or camels for you, directly from farmers guaranteeing the best price.

2. We maintain

Our partner farmers take care of the animals. This keeps the costs low and gives the animals the best care in their natural habitat.

3. We sell

Our team monitors the animals & market prices & sells animals on your behalf for the best price. You can then reinvest or withdraw your money.

The impact


Sustainable life for farmers

Your investment gives local farmers an all year market for their livestock so they no longer have to struggle to buy food.


Creates jobs

Our local operation creates jobs for our coordinators who monitor the market and buy and sell the animals for the owners.


Contributes to the local economy

Livestock is ca 40% of Somalia’s economy (GDP). Your investment contributes to this vital industry for the local economy.

Try the simulation!

See the opportunity

Use the simulation tool to see your impact


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We have answered the most common questions.


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